Kiwis captain Riley proud of her first win at the Women’s World Cup

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Mother Beef, New Zealand as host First win in the World Cup After starting the field. She defeated Norway 1-0 in the Women’s World Cup 2023 battle. The captain of the team shed tears to succeed. As for the Australian girl, she squeezed Ireland in one child as well.

The 2023 Women’s World Cup or FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand is a co-host. The opening scene of the competition is completed. By Dan Kiwi girl army Show off a great performance, winning for the first time in the history of the ทางเข้า ufabet World Cup kick-off. With a slash win A young mother, Norway, can go almost 1-0.

Kiwis captain Riley proud of her first win at the Women's World Cup

Group A games at Eden Park have been in poor form, having lost seven of their previous nine games. But a Hannah Wilkinson goal early in the 48th minute gave the hosts their first win . Whether it’s a male or female team competition. in the past World Cup With both teams working together, 6 draws and 15 losses, never met with the word win.

Wilkinson was actually the last New Zealand player to score for her country at a World Cup, back in 2015 in Canada in a 2-2 draw with China in the final group stage match. And they are eliminated in the last place came last time She was able to draw the score again. Along with being the first victory out of all 6 strikes

“I’m so proud,” said captain Ali Riley through tears after the match. “We fought for this a long time. and we have a clear goal I want to inspire young girls and youth in this country and around the world. And I think we can really do that. Tonight anything is possible. We believed in ourselves throughout this game. Believed in myself from the start and we’ve shown it. We play with confidence and composure.”

while the Kangaroo girl No less debuted in co-hosting with a 1-0 win over Ireland , with a goal from Stephanie Catley scoring a 52nd -minute penalty in the first Group B match at the Australian Stadium  . Before only 1 day of competition, but the Aussie girl still managed to combine power to win successfully.