How many types of poker are there?

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Poker is a multi-billion dollar game in the world. Because it is a game that trains the use of the brain and thinking. mind to overcome And besides, it’s a very fun game. Today we Flip Poker will bring everyone to know more about different types of poker so that you can learn. It choose which style you like to play. In this world, there are many types of poker playing.

1.Texas Hold’em

The most popular type of poker is Texas Hold’em or as we are familiar with. What novice players should know is that combining 5 cards is the best possible hand out of the 2 on the hand and the 5 on the board. The two players on the table place blinds that separate Big Blinds and Small Blinds. The next player to the left is Players will take turns. Deciding whether to call, raise or fold. The start will be the same starting with Small Blinds and continuing to the left. 

1. That player has the best cards.

2. All other players crouch.

The advantage of Texas Hold’em is its popularity. And it’s an easy-to-learn game.
The downside of Texas Hold’em is that it’s very popular. And began to be popular for more than 15 years, making techniques and tips that have been studied a lot in general playing games. Most of the players are knowledgeable and will be very good. Make it difficult for novice players to fight.

2.Pot Limit Omaha (PLO)

The gameplay is similar to Texas Hold’em where players must combine the best 5 cards from their hand, 2 from their hand and 5 from the board.

But what’s different is that
1. In PLO, a player gets a minimum of 4 cards (in some games 5 or 6 cards) and enforces two cards from their hand.
2. Pot Limit. Makes the bet of the player can bet equal to the amount of POT, so it will be very easy to make the POT bigger.

The advantage of PLO is that it is very easy to obtain. A strong card to play like this.

The disadvantage of PLO is that the variance is very high in playing PLO. Because the risk is very high to come across other players who have the same strong cards.

3.Short Deck

Not much has been said about this type of play. But it is considered that playing Short Deck is equally fun to play. The other rules of play are the same as Texas Hold’em, but the difference is
– 2 – 5 cards are removed
– No Blinds
– Play will start at the Dealer button.

The advantage of Short Deck is that it is an exciting game. The chances of getting good cards are higher.

The disadvantage of the Short Deck is that the strategy and method of playing Short Deck is not the same as playing Texas Hold’em and has a high variance.


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